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Hiring Teachers for the Highline Virtual Academy

Highline Virtual Academy is committed to our Highline Promise to know students and adults by name, strength, and need. We are seeking an equity driven, trailblazing founding teacher team who think ‘outside of the box,’ and are aligned with our vision of HVA. Teachers will need to commit to actively engaging in anti-racist practices, on a systemic and individual level; including individual reflection of the intersections of identity and criticality around own’s practice and how that impacts teaching, learning, and relationships with students, families, and staff. The founding teacher team will be composed of STEM and Humanities staff, to support the inauguration of students into the new program, beginning Fall 2021. Virtual Academy will offer a unique opportunity to tailor instruction to fit student needs and create student leaders who are prepared for the future they choose. An ideal teacher candidate for this position is heavily invested in the social, emotional, and academic development of students and is committed to amplifying student voice and ensuring the success of all students. 

  • Key Area: Social-Emotional Learning In this unique context, an ideal candidate is someone who is heavily invested in the development of students and prioritizes social-emotional learning and development in context with the online learning platform and advisory structure. An ideal candidate values supporting students through an SEL lens and trauma-informed practices. The candidate is able to create systems of support while prioritizing relationships with students and leveraging technology tools to do so. As a founding member of Highline Virtual Academy staff, this individual must be someone who embraces ambiguity, is highly adaptive, and values innovation. Within a generalist model, the ideal candidate values and seeks to leverage the advisor-advisee relationship in support of student learning. Central to all of this is a deeply rooted (and nuanced) understanding of Our Promise.
  • Key Area: Leveraging Technology for Relationships and Learning Given that instruction is in an online setting, an ideal candidate is highly adept and comfortable with online modes of instruction, including progress monitoring, support of student portfolios, and personalized plans, in addition to hosting online office hours and 1:1 student check ins. Teachers will support students and families with technology tools and partner with families by establishing two-way communication in order to support student success. An ideal candidate has experience in or demonstrated ability to vet, implement and support an online curriculum, with the long term goal of designing and teaching online and creating interdisciplinary projects. Teachers will provide enrichment opportunities and ensure appropriate individualized and small group instruction for each student.
  • Key Area: Interdisciplinary Teams The staff at Highline Virtual Academy will be organized as content generalists and will work collaboratively across disciplines. The ideal candidate is competent in a breadth of subdisciplines and is able to adapt and customize the existing curriculum to provide support and extend student learning in collaboration with teacher colleagues. As a member of a founding team, the ideal candidate can ‘hold the voice’ of their discipline and seeks opportunities for interdisciplinary applications. The ideal candidate is effective as both an independent educator and as a contributing team member.

Please note that this position reports onsite at Olympic.

Open Positions

Questions? Contact the recruiting team at recruiting@highlineschools.org or call 206-631-3008.