Career Pathways

Our Commitment

We are invested in the development of future educators!

All aspiring certificated educators must have a valid certificate from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to be eligible for a role in our school district.

If you are interested in learning more about how to earn your certification, please contact our Recruitment Team.

Teaching Pathways

Certification Programs

These are the educator and teacher preparation programs approved by PESB to operate in Washington State. Please reference the approved program endorsements page for the list of endorsements each teacher preparation program may offer. Please note that providers may not be operating all program types in any given academic year. For the most up-to-date program information, including which endorsements are currently being offered, please contact the institution directly.

Become a Bilingual Teaching Fellow

Do you speak, read and write in more than one language? Are you looking to use your bilingual skills in the workforce but need more training and support? Consider applying for the Bilingual Teaching Fellows program.

Bilingual teaching fellows work full time in paraprofessional roles, maintaining regular salary and benefits. Through their work as paraprofessionals, they practice and deepen their study with Western Washington University’s Woodring College of Education. Courses are held locally and online. An $8,000/year conditional scholarship covers most of the tuition. 

Bilingual Teaching Fellowship

Applications are now open! Visit our Jobs page to apply! We anticipate our next cohort beginning in Summer 2020. Be on the lookout for more information. 

Student Teaching/Educational Staff Associate Internship

Student teachers and Educational Staff Associate (ESA) Interns are a valuable asset to our teaching and learning community in Highline. A placement in our district will allow you an opportunity to put into action the skills you've learned in class and field work. Your internship is a time for you to build community with students, learn and grow from your mentor and demonstrate subject-matter knowledge necessary to successfully become a certified educator in Washington State.

Please contact for more information. 


Your college/university field placement coordinator can request placement with Human Resources or directly from building principals.

Identification Badge

Highline Public Schools employees, guest employees, community partners, coaching/stadium staff and contractor badges are issued at Human Resources.

To receive a district ID badge, visit Human Resources on Wednesdays between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at our Central Office, 15675 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien, 98166.

Email Access

To request a Highline email address, you must fill out and submit all appropriate paperwork. Please send completed paperwork to Help Desk

HSD Vendor NDA

District Account Creation Form

Please contact Help Desk for additional questions: 206-631-7676. 

Intern Sub Certification

The Intern Substitute Certification is a limited teacher certificate which allows intern/student teachers to work and earn pay as a substitute while simultaneously doing their student teaching. The Intern Substitute Certificate is valid only during the student teaching field experience. Substitute service during the student teaching must be in the cooperating teacher’s classroom.

Please check with your school's policy before applying for this certificate. Once you have been approved by your school, please apply for a student intern position.

Apply Now

For more information about certification please visit Office of Superintendent Public Instruction (OSPI).

If you already have a bachelors degree, you can consider becoming an emergency substitute.

Please contact Laura Castaneda for additional questions. 

Admin Pathways

Principal & Program Administrative Programs

These are the principal and administrator programs approved by PESB to operate in Washington State. Please note that providers may not be operating all program types in any given academic year. For the most up-to-date program information, including which endorsements are currently being offered, please contact the institution directly.


We currently have a partnership with Western Washington University to provide certificated staff with a leadership pathway. This partnership program prepares you to become a school leader, with an emphasis on language learning. 

Western Washington UniversityResidency Principal Certification

Administrative Internship

We believe that an Adminstrative Internship role is an important opportunity to build leadership capacity for emerging leaders in Highline. Readiness, the depth of the experience and the mentorship match are crucial if an internship candidate is to continue on the road of future leadership.

Highlights of this process

  • The process is competitive (not all applicants will necessarily be selected).
  • Selected applicants will not necessarily be placed at their current schools, but the match will be made based on the context, timing, and match of the principal to the potential interns required experience, as well as relevant open positions.


Internal candidates

To apply, certified staff must be enrolled in a college or university program and have completed a majority of course work prior to internship, or have related experiences that could substitute for being earlier in the coursework process; have at least two years certificated experience; have demonstrated excellence as teachers or specialists the past two years (documented on performance evaluations); and have demonstrated leadership role(s) in current assignment.

External candidates

Same as above with the following additions: have a strong desire to work in a diverse urban/suburban environment; potential interest in a future leadership position in Highline. It is recommended that any external candidates inform me,in writing,of their interest prior to the application being submitted. Note: Interviews and placement for external candidates will be based on system capacity, after internal candidates have been considered.


Interested staff must submit their application online. Timelines may be adjusted in the best interest of the district.


The selection process will involve review of application documents and recommendations, and team interviews. Principal representation will be included as a part of those interviews. Selected applicants will be assigned to a school.