This is why you became a teacher

For you, preparing students for their future is a calling. You see every student as a scholar, regardless of their background. You believe that every student can succeed, and it’s up to you to provide the education to make their dreams a reality. You belong at Highline Public Schools.

Our students come to us from all over the globe, speaking more than 100 different languages. Our diversity is an asset, preparing our students to thrive in a global economy. Our teachers embrace our ambitious goals for students.

We are dedicated to excellent instruction, ongoing professional development, and teacher collaboration.

The best teaching career

bar-graph icon Committed to Growth

We believe strongly in developing our teachers to be the best educators they can be. From access to seasoned mentors to professional development, you will always be expanding your teaching skills and career.

handshake icon Supportive Environment

We succeed together. Our highly involved administrators and your like-minded colleagues share ideas, successes, and learning opportunities. We believe in continuous improvement and innovation.

crosshair icon Ambitious Goals

We have BOLD goals that have real meaning for our students and teachers. See them here and see why Highline will ignite your teaching career.

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health planner icon Well-rounded Benefits

We’re proud to offer amazing benefits including: competitive pay, comprehensive healthcare, retirement plan, wellness program, coaching opportunities, and much more. Our benefits ensure that you and your family are covered well beyond your paycheck.

Innovative education

We are passionate about making schools effective for every student. We continually push the boundaries of what is possible in the classroom, and we look for new and innovative ways to partner with families and our community. To accomplish our goals and provide a foundation for success, we have created a Four Pillar approach that has garnered recognition nationwide.

Pillar 1:

Pillar 2:

Pillar 3:

Pillar 4: